Aprilia RS660 Ready to Ride in PH Roads



Renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aprilia recently introduced to the Philippine market its latest sports bike with technological marvel, the Aprilia RS660.

The RS660, which boasts of a sporty personality as well as stunning contemporary lines, brings the winning Aprilia track experience to the road. Its unique design shapes a lightweight, compact bike with sleek, agile volumes. Delivering stability at high speeds, it is all about creating a fun, pleasurable riding experience.

Renowned Italian motorcycle A new era beckons for Aprilia. Resting on an all-new technical basis and defined by the brand- new 100-bhp 660cc parallel-twin engine, a new generation of lightweight yet high-performance bikes is born, featuring sophisticated design and cutting edge technology. This marks a re- emergence of mid-displacement engine sizes, allowing you to rediscover the pleasure and joy of everyday riding.

The Aprilia RS 660 is the first of a brand-new range of motorcycles in response to the demand from new generations for fun, easy and satisfying bikes, just as apt for thrilling road riding as they are for occasional outings on the race track.

The RS 660 raises the concept of sportiness to a new level, focusing on an excellent power- to-weight ratio that is likely to really excite but that is also easy to handle, making it an accessible ride for anyone. A unique bike stylistically, from the ground up, maintaining the Aprilia values of state-of-the-art technology and style that you see even in its colors.

Renowned Italian motorcycle The RS 660 offers, for the first time in its class, first-rate technical content, honed from Aprilia’s competition racing experience, made available for street-riding fun. A perfect formula for maximum enjoyment, at a slender wet weight of 183 kilos, featuring a package of APRC electronic rider aids that would be at home even in superior classes.

Style: the new generation of Aprilia

The Aprilia RS 660 also clearly stands out in terms of style and dictates the shape of the Aprilia sports bikes to come. The design is innovative, sophisticated and genuinely sporty. The main objective of the Aprilia Style Centre was to create dynamic, modern shapes with low surface area, although without taking the concept to extremes, to offer a sense of space and comfort to both rider and passenger, even aboard a sports bike, while at the same time, enhancing both its lightness and slenderness.

The main features of the fairings speak typical Aprilia sporting parlance, and are characterized by a triple LED headlight assembly, equipped with perimeter Daytime Running Lights positioned around the two main headlights, making the RS 660 immediately distinguishable in any lighting conditions.

The Aprilia RS 660 boasts a double fairing with integrated aerodynamic features, an extremely cutting-edge solution that reaffirms Aprilia’s commitment to aerodynamic research.

Aboard the RS 660, the ergonomics are perfect. The riding position is coherently designed with ​​everyday sportiness in mind, with Aprilia culture having always designed bikes based on perfect rider integration. The seat-footpeg-handlebar triangulation welcomes riders of all stature, offering comfort and spaciousness, with a posture that is neither heavily-loaded onto the handlebars, nor with legs excessively bent due to highly-placed foot-rests. The rider can, therefore, enjoy a position that guarantees maximum control but without causing long-distance fatigue, making the RS 660 perfect for either full-throttle racing or everyday riding.

The seat features very comfortable padding and is tapered at the sides to facilitate the resting of the feet on the ground which allows easy maneuvers from a stationary position. The generously- sized pillion pad is positioned on the tail, whose design was once again inspired by the V4 family, while a single-seat tail comes as an optional extra.

The choice of placing the exhaust pipes beneath the engine brings an added benefit of allowing greater freedom to position the passenger footrests, thus increasing comfort. The 15-liter capacity petrol tank is designed to enhances the compactness, letting the rider embrace it comfortably while protectively positioned behind the fairing.



The Aprilia chassis: a benchmark in handling and precision

Aprilia’s ability to manufacture first-rate chassis is the stuff of legends: “It’s an Aprilia” signals a guarantee of design and construction quality, feeling and handling effectiveness.

In keeping with this fine tradition, the RS 660 features a magnificent, brand new structure focusing on slenderness, made up of a frame and swingarm both in die-cast aluminum, featuring unique characteristics within their class. The chassis dimensions favor agility: thanks to its 1370 mm wheelbase and the 24.1° inclination of the steering head, the RS 660 boasts exceptional handling capabilities, combined with all the precise features and sensations that characterize the front end of classic Noale-produced motorcycles.

The frame is made up of twin lateral beams bolted into the steering head area and, to the rear; the engine is maximized as a load-bearing element and contributes to forming a compact, lightweight yet rigid structure.

The chassis is completed by an adjustable Kayaba fork with 41 mm upside-down stems and a braking system made up of, a pair of 320 mm diameter steel discs, at the front and a pair of radial mount calipers and a radial master cylinder on the handlebars both manufactured by Brembo. The RS 660 is equipped with high-performance Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II tyres in sizes 120/70 ZR 17 at the front and 180/55 ZR 17 to the rear, guaranteeing safety and enjoyment on the road, as well as plenty of grip for maximum performance on-track.


Great performance from Aprilia’s new 100 hp twin-cylinder

An all-new engine makes its debut in the Aprilia RS 660 which is set to feature subsequently in a full range of new motorcycles.

This is a 660 cc parallel-twin cylinder unit, a highly compact latest-generation engine derived from the 1100 cc front-banked V4, whose line it follows in both concept and measurements and sports a Euro 5 homologation.

The new Aprilia twin-cylinder is the result of experience gained developing the extremely powerful engine that equips the RSV4 and is therefore based on a background of highly efficient and technical trials: the cylinder head, combustion chambers, ducts, cylinders and pistons all derive from the V4. Likewise, it features an 81 mm bore – as in the 1078 cc V4 – with a 63.9 mm stroke. The decision to take advantage of the V4 technology guarantees top-class performance, while taking into consideration the high piston stroke speeds relative to its displacement size. Naturally, all engine components, including castings and molds, have all been designed and developed from the ground up.


First-class electronics: performance and security

Another of the unique features of the Aprilia RS 660 is its provision for electronic systems aimed at performance and safety – the most complete currently available in the category – and even higher than those offered by certain super sports bikes in the superbike class.

Aprilia has always been at the forefront in the field of electronics (it was the first to introduce the Ride-by-Wire throttle control in 2007) and currently boasts the complete APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) electronic command package honed in top-level competitions and praised as among the most advanced on the market by both public and critics alike.

The RS 660 is equipped with a six-axis inertial platform which, thanks to the built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes, is able to recognize the condition of the bike with respect to the road; it records and processes inputs deriving from the rider and sends the data to the control unit which intervenes seamlessly in the control parameters.

The RS 660 APRC, developed to support performance and make riding on the road safe and exhilarating, includes:

– ATC: Aprilia Traction Control, adjustable traction control characterized by fine and high- performance intervention logics

– AWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control, adjustable wheelie control system.

– ACC: Aprilia Cruise Control, maintains the set speed without using the throttle control.

– AQS: Aprilia Quick Shift, the electronic gearbox, for high-speed changes without easing off the throttle or without using the clutch, also equipped with a downshift function which allows downshifting without touching the clutch. Thanks to the software offered among the original accessories it is possible to reverse the gearbox for track use without the need to replace components.

– AEB: Aprilia Engine Brake, the adjustable engine brake control system for the deceleration phase.

– AEM: Aprilia Engine Map, various forms of mappings available to change the character and the way engine power is delivered.

The Aprilia RS 660 adopts the advanced multi-map Cornering ABS, to ensure maximum safety on the road, without detracting from its sporting performance. The system, with extremely low weight and dimensions, is able to optimize braking and ABS intervention when cornering, thanks to a special algorithm which constantly monitors various parameters such as lateral acceleration, the pressure exerted on the front brake lever, the angles of lean, pitch and yaw, modulating the action of the brakes for an optimized combination of deceleration and stability.

Aprilia has developed five Riding Modes, not merely to maximize the riding experience in different riding conditions, but also to simplify life on board. Riders are only required to choose which Riding Mode best suits their needs to automatically obtain the best set-up regarding traction control, wheelie control, engine braking, ABS and the other tweakable parameters.

There are three Riding Modes for road use:

Commute, for everyday riding;

Dynamic, for sports riding on the road

Individual, which allows for complete customization of electronic controls.

There are two Riding Modes designed for on-track use:

Challenge, suitable for on-track racing sessions capitalizing on the full potential of the RS 660 Time Attack, a system that allows more adept riders to fully tweak the electronic setup.

Electronic settings are easily managed by a user-friendly four-button control on the left-side electric switch block with quick commands for managing cruise control and traction control.

In order to minimize weight, the RS 660 is equipped with a lightweight lithium battery.

The Aprilia RS660 is priced at PHP860,000, and is available through Bikerbox Philippines, which is located at Lot 8-B2 St. Ireneville 1, Parañaque City.

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