Citimuber anticipates motorcycle taxi legalization

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Photo from Citimuber Facebook page

With the motorcycle taxi pilot run nearing its completion and the possibility of motorcycle taxi finally getting legalized, another Filipino-owned motorcycle-for-hire service company, Citimuber is looking forward to join the motorcycle taxi industry.

As early as 2017, Citimuber has been preparing its facilities and operations in anticipation of the motorcycle taxi legalization.

“We were hoping to join the second pilot run when it was opened up to additional players last December. We were not given the opportunity then, but we appreciated the feedback from the Technical Working Group so we could further improve our operations. We believe this will help us emerge stronger by taking the necessary steps to make sure we will be ready to go full-blast once the law is passed,” said Citimuber founder Rommel Villaroman.

Ensuring the quality of its services, Citimuber has invested in a 1,600sqm training facility located in Caloocan City. Carefully selecting its pool of riders since the center’s opening in December last year, safety riding seminars and skills assessments in preparation for the company’s operation has been on going. Citimuber receives applications with an average of 60 riders daily. Once in full operation, the center can accommodate up to 300 riders per day.

Strict with its requirements before accepting riders into the platform, Citimuber requires applicant riders to undergo professional third-party background check including NBI and police clearances. Applicants also go through a riding skills evaluation to ensure they have proper knowledge of traffic laws, road safety guidelines, as well as the proficiency to handle all types of road and traffic conditions.

As for the Citimuber app, ensuring safety of both rider and passenger, there are certain areas where no bookings are accepted for reasons of dangerous conditions like being a high-crime location.

Another safety feature, both riders and passengers have panic button once a trip starts. The panic button can send an emergency call or SMS, either to a police number or to immediate relatives in case of emergency.

Once motorcycle taxis are legalized, Citimuber is ready to offer their services in compliance with all the regulations and guidelines mandated by law. Villaroman notes, “We already have our partner-riders, a tested and proven working app, and an operational team in place. We also respect the TWG and regulators, so we are just waiting for the law to be passed so we can offer our services to our countrymen.”

Currently, Citimuber has about 10,000 riders in its database, with more signing up daily. Recruitment and screening are ongoing for Metro Manila and the adjoining provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Quezon. Interested applicant riders may visit or their Facebook page CitimuberPhilippines.

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