CTEK Keeps Your Battery Going and Going and Going

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CTEK makes sure that your car battery is always in tip top shape

The pandemic is truly a genuine game changer. Not only has it disrupted people’s lives, it has also forced people to practice new ways on how to conduct day-to-day activities at work, at home, and even while on the road. As people gradually adjust to the new normal, technology has somewhat assisted us in making our lives a bit more bearable.

As the majority of people spend more time indoors and have adopted work-from-home measures, more and more vehicles have been sitting idly in garages. Unknown to most car owners, not using cars and even motorcycles have dire consequences. Leaving vehicles unused for long amounts of time can lead to a number of problems including flat tires, locked-up brakes, and dead batteries.

Maintain your motorcycle battery’s health with CTEK

Here in the Philippines, local batteries have been manufactured to last only until the time its warranty runs out—whether you use it or not. And dead batteries are just a hassle and downright expensive. Add to that the stress of not being able to go when and where you need to go at the moment.

CTEK can charge you gadgets, too

With technologies like CTEK, vehicle will be spared from this predicament. CTEK is a global leader in battery management solutions. Originally from Sweden, this product was designed with the driver and motorcycle rider in mind — for freedom and peace of mind.

CTEK smart battery chargers are built on the philosophy that prevention is better than cure. Rather than waiting for your vehicle to conk out at the most unexpected time, regularly keeping the battery charge at an optimum level will keep the battery healthy and last much longer—giving vehicles owners confidence that it is ready to go whenever needed.

Led by the bestselling MXS 5.0 with its patented 8-step charging and battery recondition feature, the CTEK model range include chargers for just about any type of battery that are used in 4-wheel and 2-wheel vehicles, as well as vehicles for transport, recreation, and commercial generators.

Adding to the core line-up this year are new innovations to make battery care even more convenient – beginning with the all-new CS Free portable smart battery charger, which is a first of its kind that features CTEK’s “adaptive boost technology” for safe and reliable charging, anytime, anywhere.

In addition, CTEK is proud to be one of the brands leading the move toward a more sustainable motoring lifestyle, with the acquisition of Chargestorm AB in recent years, and the development of EV charging solutions to support electrification the world over.

To learn more about what’s new with CTEK in the Philippines, follow CTEK Philippines via its official social media pages: facebook.com/CTEK.Ph on Facebook, @ctek.ph on Instagram, @CTEKPhilippines on Twitter, and CTEK Philippines on YouTube. CTEK products are available on LazMall (lazada.com.ph/shop/ctek) and Shopee Mall (shopee.ph/ctekphilippines).

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