Hyundai Offer Owners Rainy-day Service Promo

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Get more out of life on the road with a well-maintained car.

Your car is your ever-reliable workhorse. Without it, staying on the go and accomplishing tasks is definitely a challenge. Your life also greatly depends on it the moment you take the wheel. It is, therefore, imperative to give your car the TLC it truly deserves.

Here are three easy steps to pamper your car and keep it in tip-top condition:

Trust the experts. “Health is wealth” should not be exclusive to humans. It can also be an important philosophy on how your car should be treated. Bringing it regularly to authorized Hyundai service centers is like getting a checkup from a licensed doctor. It is akin to putting your life in the hands of trained experts with the right equipment. Relying on unqualified mechanics and run-of-the-mill car shops will not justify the hard-earned money you saved to purchase your car.

Keep it real. Fake alternatives are cheaper. Why? No warranty, no quality check, low-quality components, and poor workmanship. Masked as savings, these can be more costly in the long run, as they do not last and may cause further damage to the vehicle. Word from the wise: Always go for genuine parts for optimum performance. They are guaranteed to work best with your car.

Be consistent. Preventive maintenance service (PMS) is designed to keep your car in perfect shape. Regular check-ups aid in early detection of problems and can spare you expensive repairs.

The good news is Hyundai’s RAINDROPS (Discounts & Rewards on Parts & Service) gives your car the special treatment it deserves minus the high cost! It comes in two special packages:

Package 1: HGMO semi-synthetic oil

o          10% off on labor

o          10% off on parts

o          Limited edition freebie

Package 2: HGMO fully synthetic oil

o          20% off on labor

o          10% off on parts

o          Limited edition freebie

But that’s not all! One Hyundai Family (OHF) members can enjoy twice the fun because they’re entitled to an additional 10% discount.

So it’s time to stop taking your car for granted. Give it some tender, loving care.

The Hyundai RAINDROPS is an anniversary offering that will run from August 28 to September 2, 2017 at authorized dealer service workshops. Promo participants must present a copy of the vehicle’s official receipt/certificate of registration or service passport to avail of this promo.


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