It’s Official! Pradera Verde Racing Circuit Begins Construction

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Earth movers start arriving at the site of the PVRC to begin construction


It’s official! The much-vaunted FIA-rated, Grade 2 racetrack (the first in the Philippines) will soon begin construction following the formal signing of the agreement between officials of Pradera Verde Estates and Tilke Engineers & Architects. The agreement was signed on January 12, 2018 at the Pradera Verde Resort in Lubao, Pampanga.

Inking the agreement for the notice of award and notice to proceed were Eryk Geoffrey Pineda Ocampo, General Manager of Pradera Verde, and Ralf van Wersh, the Director for Civil Engineering of Tilke Engineers & Architects. Present to witness the momentous event were officials from both Pradera Verde and Tilke Engineers, event organizers Olson Camacho and Noel Castro, as well as stakeholders in the local motorsport community that include s Bebot Reyes, Tyson Sy, Allan Uy and Marc Soong.

The gargantuan project will occupy 118 hectares of the Pradera Verde Estate, and will contain a fully equipped FIA Grade 2 Racetrack, a large paddock that offers capacity for big international events like MotoGP.

The Pradera Verde Racing Circuit (PVRC) will host a ¼ – mile Dragstrip, which converts to a light-weight plane landing and take-off runway; a CIK (Commission Internationale de Karting) karting racetrack; a Drifting Course; a Bonded Warehouse; Pit Building with Paddock; Medical Center; Commercial area to support the activities; and a Hot Air Balloon takeoff and landing site.

The 5-kilometer racetrack will be very exciting; having a total of 22 (12 rights, and 10 lefts) turns with constant elevation changes. A lot of earthmoving will have to be undertaken to turn the sandy flat lands of the estate into a rolling circuit with constant elevation changes, with some as steep as 8%.

The FIA Grade-2 Circuit has a length of 5,014 meters and a large paddock that is capable of hosting international events like MotoGP, and can accommodate up to 80,000 spectators. The longest straight has a length of 725 meters.

Club Races
Grand Prix Configuration
MotoGP Configuration



National Races

The PVRC is can be reconfigured to host a number of races.  The track lengths can be changed to suit the requirements of each series, including: Grand Prix – 5,014 meters; MotoGP – 4,461 meters; National Series– 2,762 meters; Club Races – 430 meters.

Speed Calculation for the PVRC are: GT3 – average speed of 144 km/h, lap time of 2:04min; MotoGP- average speed of 150 km/h, lap time of 1:50min.

The dragstrip will have a large run-off area with two grandstands good for 6,000 spectators. Meanwhile, the Drift Track will be 1,000 meters long with a high number of different drifting options for all kinds of skills.

Track designer Hermann Tilke designed the PVRC to have several highlights.  These includes: Track Highlights: Mutprobe Turn 1–Turn 2– Steep incline to T1 right after the start. Blind apex with a steep downhill to T2; 60˚ Heartbake Turn 4– Hard braking zone after a long straight; best chance for overtaking; Omega Turn 6–Turn 7– Double Apex section surrounded by an arena. Has a change of curve radius for multiple driving lines; Rock Bottom Turn 14-Turn15 – Steep drop at entry of T14 leading in a fast right-handed T15. Compression at T15 creating a unique feeling for the drivers; and Sneaky Turn 17-Turn 20– Mid-speed section with multiple braking and acceleration phases.  Change of direction and a play of elevation create a challenge for drivers.


The massive project is expected to cost around P2 Billion with the construction lasting 540 calendar days (18 months).


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