Sonax Philippines launches new Sonax Ceramic Series


Sonax Philippines officially brings the Sonax Ceramic Series to the country. Taking personal car cleaning to the next level, the new Sonax Ceramic Series is specially formulated to make DIY car care easy and efficient, rendering beautiful, professional results, as well as complement your investment in paint protection.

Sonax Ceramic Series

Sonax has made its name in professional ceramic coating. It now takes that same expertise to the consumer level by offering a range of products that are designed to maintain and further protect your car’s vibrancy until your next coating session.

The Sonax Ceramic Series features the innovative SI-Carbon Technology, which surpasses all previous methods for long-term coating. It creates a durable, smooth, protective surface, with a beautiful, mirror-like gloss finish. The benefits of this technology include high hydrophobicity (i.e. surface water-beading), increased weather resistance, color enhancement, and optimal maintenance of all ceramic-sealed paint works.

The Xtreme Ceramic Active Shampoo provides gentle, but thorough cleaning for all exterior car surfaces, coated or not, leaving a mild ceramic sealant that ensures a long-lasting, water-and-dirt repellent layer.

Next, the Xtreme Ultra Slick Detailer is your one-step multi-function detailer that can easily remove slight surface soiling and dust, while leaving an extremely smooth and mild ceramic coat. It’s the perfect paint refresher and can be used on all paint surfaces.

Finally, as a direct complement to Sonax ceramic-sealed vehicles, the Xtreme Ceramic Spray Coating is the long-term DIY sealant that adds another protective layer over your existing paint protection. It is designed to refresh and protect sealed paint. One application works for up to 4 months, making regular washing much simpler and always with professional results.

Sonax Intense Gloss Shampoo Concentrate

As a follow-up to the best-selling SONAX Gloss Shampoo, the new Intense Gloss Shampoo Concentrate comes with a more concentrated formulation, with a highly-viscous texture. It is gentle on all exterior surfaces and paint works, but tough on dirt, stains, tar, and insect remnants. Use it by the bucket or with a foaming spray dispenser and enjoy a clean, smooth, and glossy surface finish after every wash.

Sonax Xtreme Leather Care Milk (matte effect with UV protection)

Specially designed for the careful cleaning and care of all real and artificial leather surfaces, the Xtreme Leather Care Milk is formulated with jojoba oil to enrich and bring back the luster of dulled leather, without leaving a slippery feel. Leather surfaces are treated and reverted back to its original matte appearance, leaving a UV protective layer that helps to prevent further soiling and discoloration.

To learn more about the new SONAX consumer line and other products, visit the official SONAX Philippines Facebook page and Instagram.

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