MG 5 sedan puts up impressive performance at Bonifacio 8-Hour Endurance Challenge


Exhibiting the reliability and performance of the MG 5 sedan, The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI), the authorized distributor of MG vehicles in the country, participated in Clark International Speedway’s (CIS) Bonifacio 8-Hour Endurance Challenge last November 29, 2020.

Fresh from the dealership, the MG 5 went straight to CIS to compete in the Bonifacio 8-Hour Endurance Challenge. MG Philippines entered a bone stock MG5 in the Manufacturer’s Class of the event. The MG 5 finished the 8-hour endurance race without any trouble and recorded 161 laps. This feat answers the skeptics of the MG brand about its reliability.

Being able to race for eight hours straight shows how reliable the MG 5 sedan is. As for performance, it raced alongside Type R-swapped Civics for hours, to give you an idea. Participating in the same event, the current writer can also attest how potent the MG 5 is on the track in the hands of talented drivers.

The MG 5 finished among the top 10 placing 8th overall out of the 22-car grid. The MG5 was able to achieve impressive results with the help of its impressive drivers lineup consisting of seasoned race car drivers and champions, Gaby Dela Merced, Allan Uy, and Marc Soong.

(L-R) Marc Soong, Billy Billano (team manager), Gaby Dela Merced, and Allan Uy with the MG 5 sedan

When asked to share his observations about the car, Allan Uy said, “I expected the handling to be good since this British car is known to have excellent handling. The MG 5 doesn’t oversteer at challenging turns on the track. Reliability was another thing I felt sure of with the MG 5. It is also lightweight & well-balanced compared to other cars in its category.”

Complimenting the durability of the passenger sedan, Gaby Dela Merced said, “Usually you’d feel the wear and tear mid race, especially since this was an 8 hour endurance challenge. Imagine pushing the car to the limit the whole time. How it rode from the start was the same all throughout. No changes in feel, brakes were the same from start to finish, the tranny kept its tip-top form. That’s something that rarely happens.”

Sharing how tough the MG5 is, Marc Soong said, “As a stock car, it surprised us all with its reliability and performance. The MG 5 really held up to the abuse of driving on a racetrack, and it was surprisingly quick.”

“First and foremost, the MG Philippines family would like to congratulate each and every member of the team on a positive and impressive finish at the Bonifacio 8-Hour Endurance Challenge. The achievement is a pure demonstration of your teamwork, skill, and ability to adjust given the inclement weather and the unpredictable race conditions,” said MG Philippines president and CEO Atty. Alberto B. Arcilla. “We are happy to know that the MG 5 has lived up to and surpassed your expectations in terms of performance, which is something that all our MG 5 owners can likewise attest to.”

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